Seb Morgan meditating in the forest

Seb is a British singer-songwriter who works in a classic car-restoring shop in the North West of England as a welder, fitter-mechanic and car sprayer.


But... Seb is also a Fulbright scholar in acting and performing arts from NYU and New York City and has had an extensive career on and off stage as an actor, singer, dancer, musician and also as a director, choreographer and writer. He is an experienced martial arts instructor and choreographer for theatre and film and has recently become a filmmaker himself through Blue Butterfly Media.


Being fully bilingual from birth led him to also become a translator and interpreter. He has worked as a narrator and voice over artist for live shows, film, documentaries and corporate videos and has assisted in international press conferences and one-on-one interviews in 7 countries. He has also owned and managed a recording studio and has recorded four albums of his own music and lyrics. He tours with incredible musicians to raise awareness about political issues and spiritual development.


Seb comes from a long history of officers in the British Armed forces. He is the son of a British writer and a Spanish/Argentine anthropologist. He finished school and went on to study performing arts. Since he was 16 he was also trained in martial arts by a Taiwanese commando and later became a martial arts Instructor himself, integrating this discipline into his performance to become an expert in movement for the stage. He recently has also become a rescue diver, having endured extreme training by Greek army commando Manolis Sapounakis.


He has lived and/or taught/worked in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Hungary, India, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Spain, UK, Uruguay, US and Venezuela and since 2009 has also adopted Yoga as a regular practice. He is married to Catherine Wania (now Catherine Morgan Wania) and they both live with Catherine’s two children in Kendal, UK.