Seb uses music and performance as a means to raise awareness about different issues involving people. He constantly shares awareness-raising imigery and messages through his on-stage movie when he performs live and the music he composes and lyrics he writes come from his constant experience of what his direct and not so direct environment is doing. Seb strongly feels that working on one's personal inner growth brings clarity. When clarity is attained, all the rest falls into place, but it has to start with ourselves. Only then is when we fundamentally change and transform who we are, becoming more inclusive of our environment and seeing the other as part of ourselves.


Seb is also a filmmaker through Blue Butterfly Media, a company he founded with his wife Catherine. Adding this new language to his array of capabilities has brought him expansion in his expression, letting him produce short films for charitable organisations and causes.


Here are three of Blue Butterfly Media's films, completely produced by Blue Butterfly Media as donations for the causes they describe.

Manna House

A video for the charity Manna House, in Kendal UK, which shows the incredible work they do with the limited funding they receive.

Bogie Race

A video for Bob Mitchel and his call to action through a fundraising event to help the Children's Ward at the Lancaster Hospital

The Low Wood No Wood Cardboat Boat Race

A video for Progression Solicitors in charitable action to sponsor a fundraising event for the Lake District Calvert Trust.

San Damiano Foundation

A collaboration with the San Damiano Foundation, a US charity whose mission is to produce compelling film that foster compassion for the hungry and opressed while inspiring a genuine and respectful community among all people. Seb added their images to his show in London in 2011 for his song "Is it Easy?" with SHiFT.